Middle Tennessee Beta Program

Re-Opening October 2021

Beta Info

Our Middle Tennessee March Beta Group will begin in late October.  We will be organizing 10-15 local businesses to participate in our program.  This is the second time we have held a BETA traffic program in Middle Tennessee.

We will focus on time-lapse targeting, hyper-local targeting as well as website retargeting for this beta with several strategies that we will implement within our selected businesses.  If you were sent a video invite and would like to schedule your initial insights call, please select a time below or call or text us using the text chat widget on this page.


Missed Out from our June 2021 Launch? 

Let us know and we will be more than happy to get you into one of our upcoming Beta Launch Programs.

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Our time: 5:52am CDT


Our Tennessee Beta Group will begin in early November.   Our timeframe is to run the program for 90 days.  This is the perfect amount of time for the selected Beta members to see results.  Traffic programs like other forms of advertising usually take time and not all results are 100% guaranteed.  Our beta program allows local businesses access to fortune 1000 type advertising systems and strategies for mere pennies that have been proven to work and drive increased profits for our past Beta members.

Who Are We Looking For?

Our ideal candidate for our Beta Program is a local Tennessee business that has been in business for at least 4 years.  Has a base of current customers and is looking to grow their business.  A business owner that is willing to trust in an advertising system and strategies that will increase their customer frequency as well as target new local residents.

You will be introduced to as many as 7 growth strategies and multiple traffic strategies that are used mainly in fortune 1000 companies.

Need to have a monthly budget of at least $497 per month for at least 3 months.  The normal rate for these strategies is $4,500-$8,000 per month with multiple strategies with many mid to large businesses paying 3-5 times that monthly.

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